Exploring the Basics: Technologies Used for Documentation

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 18:00
No Cost
Room 113, 3 Brighton Road, Charlottetown
Bonnie Bell 902-368-1866 / bbell@earlychildhooddevelopment.ca to register by September 13th or until seats fill up
Seats available.
2 On-Going Training Hours.
Maximum of 15 participants.

Facilitator: Lana McIsaac, Information Technology Facilitator, Dept. of Education and Early Childhood Development.

Session Summary

Participants will explore:

- Computer Start up

- Copy, Cut and Paste functions on a PC computer

- Uploading photos from your camera to the computer

- Finding your photos once you have uploaded them

- Moving your photos into a Word Document

- Moving your photos into a PowerPoint Document

- Moving your pictures on to a memory stick so you can delete them off of your camera

- Saving a Word or PowerPoint Document to your memory stick

If there is remaining time, interest/need for it:

- Setting up a gmail or hotmail email address.


Additional Important Details:

- Bring your camera and the cord for it (please have some photos on your camera)

- Bring a Memory Stick (we will provide you with the ELF document in word format to take with you on your memory stick).


Important Registration Information:

  • For members, it is necessary for you to provide your membership number when registering for events.